Service Coordination


IDS offers a range of services to our clients that are designed to help them live independently as part of their local community. The team at IDS work directly with our clients and their chosen supports, maintaining a close and continuing relationship.

IDS Support Coordinator’s primary role is to address our client’s specific needs and goals and develop a plan that meets these requirements. In addition, they regularly monitor the services offered, ensuring the support given continues to meet our client’s requirements and is delivered in an appropriate and professional manner.

All IDS staff work to ensure person-centred practices are incorporated into their service coordination processes including:

  • accurate and reliable service information,
  • arranging rosters and support worker briefings,
  • developing a partnership approach to service delivery, where staff from IDS and our clients share knowledge,
  • working with our clients to develop ways to bring about change,
  • respecting our clients rights to determine their own lives,
  • needs identification,
  • cultivating open, clear communication that is sensitive to the cultural, communication and cognitive needs of our clients,
  • collaborating to develop goals and plan actions,
  • taking into consideration social, emotional and health needs based on values, culture, background and choice,
  • respecting our client’s rights to privacy,
  • valuing the role of family and selected support networks.

The IDS Service Coordination team, work to ensure our clients receive a seamless and integrated service response providing access and coordinated support that meets their needs in a timely and appropriate manner including:

  • support worker accreditation and training,
  • reconciliation of funding and report to our clients and their funding provider,
  • support usage keeping our clients up to date on expenditure and remaining funds,
  • conducting annual service quality audits,
  • information about their rights and responsibilities,
  • defined processes for monitoring and review,
  • competent staff with access to relevant ongoing training, for example in goal setting, case conferencing,
  • clear documentation that defines responsibilities, practices, processes of IDS ensuring clients are in partnership in the delivery of services,
  • agreements between services.

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