It is difficult to believe the difference a month can make. However, if the photograph above had been four weeks before Amanda and Jacob came to IDS it would have shown a mother who was at the end of her tether and her son who was looking at spending Christmas bed hopping. Jacob had no prospect of finding a housing solution that would meet his needs.

Jacob, who has learning difficulties and Myotonic Dystrophy was coming to the end of a residential program and had been told that he needed to vacate his accommodation. Normally it would not have been a problem, his parents Amanda and David would have taken Jacob into the family home. However, they are currently moving and do not have the room.

Amanda was therefore on the housing search treadmill, made harder because of Jacob’s needs. She had spent weeks trying to find appropriate accommodation that was affordable and not too far away from where she lives. Following a recommendation she contacted IDS. It was the week before Christmas, Jacob had two weeks to find somewhere before he was “out on the streets”.

“I was tired of being fobbed off and told someone would get back to me, I was blown away when I contacted Janelle at IDS who asked us to meet with her to discuss his situation”, says Amanda. “It got better, not only did she take the time to understand our situation, she came up with a solution.”

Janelle found a place for Jacob in the IDS Independent Living Program. The program has been designed to meet the needs of people who want to live independently while having the requirement of a safety net to support and develop their life skills. Jacob moved into the IDS house in Montmorency in the first week in January. He is settling in well with his fellow tenants. “I love it because I can do the things I want when I want. Mum and the team at IDS come over regularly to keep an eye on things and make sure I am up to date with everything,” says Jacob.