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60 Activities to Try (at Home)

By September 16, 2020May 31st, 2024Blog


In Melbourne we are remaining in restrictions a little longer than we planned, and although the end is (hopefully) in sight, keeping ourselves occupied during this time can be a challenge.

Our Activities at Home Facebook series in June gave you a glimpse into the types of fun activities you can try on your own, with your family, or with your Support Worker. We loved them so much here at IDS that we developed even more ideas to share with you.

Below are 60 (yes, you read that correctly!) activities you can try to keep you occupied during your time at home.

At the end of this post you can download a PDF copy of our ideas. Print it out, stick it on your fridge, and cross items off as you go!

  1. Plan the weekly menu and shopping list

  2. Clean out and organise your pantry

  3. Learn to play chess

  4. Role play – if someone is looking to find work, practise interview skills

  5. Prepare/review a resume if you are looking for work

  6. Sell unwanted stuff on Gumtree – Take photos and create an ad

  7. Create a Bucket List of things you want to do after Coronavirus

  8. Plan a holiday – Research what to do at the location, where to stay, cuisine, etc.

  9. Write a story

  10. Play charades

  11. Make a collage of old magazines

  12. Download Snap Movie and create mini movies

  13. Stretching exercises or learn yoga

  14. Download the Australian Bird Sounds App and listen to different birds

  15. Learn basic first aid

  16. Paint your fingernails or toenails

  17. Make some flower arrangements

  18. Create something using papier-mâché

  19. Write a love letter

  20. Send a message in a bottle – Throw it out to sea when you can go back to the beach!

  21. Create a time capsule to be opened in 1 year, 5 years or 10 years

  22. Learn to dance salsa

  23. Workout

  24. Watch movies/documentaries

  25. Play boardgames and cards

  26. Learn to sew

  27. Have a Spa Day – Facemasks, relaxing music, candles, the works!

  28. Do a puzzle

  29. Bake your favourite treat

  30. Play video games

  31. Cook a meal

  32. Watch live streams of animals at Melbourne Zoo

  33. Learn to do new things from YouTube

  34. Do a deep clean of your home

  35. Catch up on phone calls to family/friends

  36. Listen to music

  37. Create playlists for different activities and moods

  38. Make a scrapbook

  39. Paint or decorate plant pots

  40. Get takeaway coffee/meal

  41. FaceTime with your friends/family

  42. Check out how to use social media or online apps

  43. Develop a daily routine and make visuals

  44. Declutter and get rid of unwanted items

  45. Learn a magic trick

  46. Learn about Botany – Collect items from the garden to build an album of dried flowers

  47. Learn to make a podcast

  48. Learn to play an instrument (like ukulele, or the recorder)

  49. If in the car, drive with the windows down, play the music loud and sing!

  50. Collect some free or cheap basic gym equipment, set it up outside, and have a workout

  51. Wash the car

  52. Do some gardening – Grow some food, or plant herbs and pretty flowers

  53. Learn a new language (maybe Auslan – sign language)

  54. Sort out a home budget

  55. Do some online, virtual tours of some of the world’s greatest museums and art galleries

  56. Learn to do some outdoor household chores, like sweeping leaves

  57. Teach your pet a few new tricks – Checkout YouTube videos for this

  58. Join a virtual choir – Checkout TimeOut Magazine’s post for a list of virtual choir groups

  59. Check in with your mental health – Create a Mental Health Plan, or try meditation

  60. Rainbow-tise your bookshelf! Sort your books by colour

If you try any of these activities, be sure to send us some photos! Email us at to show off your creations or share more ideas for fun activities at home.







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