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Australia has embarked on a promising journey towards a more technologically advanced healthcare system, marked by the endorsement of a five-year plan by federal, state, and territorial governments. Today, the National Digital Health Strategy 2023-2028 and its Strategy Delivery Roadmap were launched, laying the groundwork for a more inclusive, sustainable, and healthier future for all Australians.

The National Digital Health Strategy 2023-2028 focuses on four pivotal outcomes:

1. Digitally Enabled Services: It aims to connect and secure health services, ensuring they are safe and sustainable.

2. Person-Centred Approach: The strategy empowers Australians to take charge of their health and well-being by providing access to the right tools and information.

3. Inclusive Access: It seeks to ensure equal access to health services for everyone, irrespective of location or circumstance.

4. Data-Driven Decisions: The plan underscores the importance of readily available data in guiding decisions at the individual, community, and national levels to contribute to a robust health system.

The Physical Disability Council of Australia (PWDA) has played a significant role in shaping this strategy, focusing on accessibility matters. The council is committed to continuing its support for the strategy’s goal of fostering inclusion and ensuring equitable access for everyone, including our clients at IDS, well into the future.

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