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International Day of People with Disability

By December 2, 2020Uncategorized

In celebration of the International Day of People with Disability we would like to support our clients in challenging some of the common perceptions of disability and help create a more inclusive Australia.  After all, the fundamental right of every person is to have their voice heard. This is where Debra’s story comes in. It paints a perfect picture of the ‘then’ and ‘now’ and what having a voice means to her.

Debra has been with the IDS family for over 5 years and we have been privy to witnessing her journey and sharing in some of her experiences. During this period, we have seen an immense sense of empowerment and confidence blossom. Debra is now living independently in an amazing apartment, as she awaits her own little piece of paradise to be completed. For the first time ever, Debra is saying things as they are. Her life, her choice! As it should be. How about we let Debra tell her own story….

Watch Debra’s story here

For more information about what the day is about click here

For a calendar of events held on and around the day click here

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