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In this quarter’s board profile, we’re honoured to spotlight the committed stewardship of IDS Chair, Geoff Schomburgk.

Q1: Can you share a bit about your background, Geoff?

I have a background in technology, working for a range of local and international companies, with a focus strategy and growth. I have been a Director for the last 13 years for a number of commercial and NFP organisations. I have been on the Board of IDS for the last 9 years, and Chair since 2020. I love to travel, explore the outdoors (often on my bike) and have a love of good food.

Q2: What drew you to IDS, and how has it evolved during your time on the board?

I really enjoy working with people and love a challenge. I think I have some interesting experiences and I am motivated to share my experiences, where I can, to help others. Working in the disability sector has been truly rewarding as I can see how we make a real difference to others. When presented with the chance to join IDS back in 2015, I jumped at the chance.

IDS has certainly evolved over this time, for the better. We have moved from a block funding model to the NDIS model. We have survived the challenges from COVID. And I believe IDS has emerged as a much stronger organisation.

Q3: How does IDS address the main challenges faced by individuals with disabilities in our community?

The key challenges for our clients and all NDIS participants are around inclusion, empowerment and choice – to live the lives they choose. Empowering our clients to enrich their quality of life is the core of IDS’ mission, so everything we do at IDS is targeted to address these challenges.

Q4: Can you tell us about current IDS initiatives focused on improving the lives of individuals with disabilities?

We are currently preparing for a major NDIS audit, which will validate that IDS is following industry best practices in terms of client services, and quality of care. We continue to engage our client and carers community to seek feedback and input on new initiatives that can further our mission. Finally we are expanding our use of Visual Care to enable clients to access services in real time, for better communications and giving them great control over the services we provide.

We’re delighted to welcome new board members Caroline Eagleson, Michelle Nichols, and Ben Renshaw. Their expertise will undoubtedly add value to our strategic direction and governance. We also extend sincere thanks to Richard Lee for his dedication during his 9-year tenure on the IDS board, and we’re pleased he’ll continue to contribute to the FRAC committee and the CCEG.

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