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Meet the November IDS Hero – Anna!

By November 24, 2022Blog, IDS Hero, News

Anna Eade is an integral part of the IDS team. We are so proud of her efforts within the team and with clients. To thank her for her exceptional work, we would like to dedicate this month’s blog to Anna – our November IDS hero!

Let’s learn a bit more about Anna.

Why did you become a DSW?

I became a DSW because it allowed me to help people. I love how each day is different and I am always challenged in one way or another. Even though it can be challenging it is very rewarding. Every one of my clients has different challenges and needs support in a unique way. I believe by being empathic and supportive, I am able to fulfil this role.

What does a typical day at IDS look like?

Every day is different – no day is the same as a Disability Support Worker. On one day, I will be faced with some minor challenges while on other days, there are major challenges. It’s always busy and there’s always something to do. For example, cleaning, looking after the client making sure they are ok or even taking them shopping.

Tell us about the best day you’ve had at IDS?

I mean, I love what I do, therefore every day is a good day. But a standout day for me would be with one of my clients when I took them for a day out. We went for coffee, we had a laugh, it was like going out with a friend. It was quite and joyful.

What’s the most interesting thing you have learnt?

I have learned that you need to build a rapport with your client. Not all clients communicate the same way.

Tell us a bit more about yourself.

I love cooking and baking homemade Italian cakes. I have always loved baking/cooking, it’s been a part of me since I was young. I also love travelling and exploring new places. There are so many beautiful places. I would love to go away to Bali for my next holiday.

My kids and grandchildren make up a big part of my life outside of work. I love seeing them grow and be a part of their lives. It’s a nice feeling!

What’s your message for other individuals looking to become DSWs?

Allow your clients to still be independent and trust their gut before stepping in. You can learn a lot from your client just by having a short conversation with them. It definitely helps you grow and it becomes a part of who you are. Also, know that even though some days are challenging, the next day is always better.


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